New technology, same magic:
Sklaer underlines the
Winged Victory of Samothrace
in Le Louvre.

Audrey Hepburn  in “Funny Face”, 1957

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Van Gogh's choice

Best light for fine arts: The Nika 27 Framer 24 in use in the exhibition “Van Gogh between Wheat and Sky” in Vicenza.

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Custom Products

Sklaer andits partners have implemented new technologies in the development of a customprojector for Toshiba Lighting.

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Colorimetry Software

New software to monitor Colour temperature and deviation on a projector.

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Custom Optics

New doublet optics to correct aberration.

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Custom lenses

Sklaer can develop and get quick prototypes of custom optics as sets of lenses to correct aberrations and ensure a perfect shape with high homogeneity

The former Mona Lisa Projector used an aspheric single projection lens. The new lamp is equipped with a special-design aspheric-symmetrical doublet. This doublet has a Numerical Aperture of 0.7. The design of this new two-lens system was necessary to eliminate the distortion on the upper side of the asymmetrical projection of the beam. This resulted in obtaining a very well defined rectangular spot on the painting. Furthermore, a careful fine tuning, of the system offers the possibility of monitoring the contrast between the illuminated part (the painting) and its frame.