Sklaer has developed its own families of products and also recommends best in class lighting products of the industry.

Photo by courtesy of Ealdgyth

Technical detailProducts

Sklaer has developped a family of modular projectors based on a  20–50W platform:

  • Modular LED modules ranging from proprietary tunable white modules to very high CRI COBs
  • Innovative optics for fixed and Zoom projection, Gobo , variable beam and colour mixers.
  • Interchangeable electronics for DALI, DMX, 1–10V, blue tooth, …


Custom products

  • Product definition
  • Computer design
    • Hardware
    • Optics
    • Quick prototyping
  • Electrical design
  • Control and Apps
  • CE and ROHS qualification
  • BOM and manufacturing procedure
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality documents



  • Consultancy
  • Simulation and rendering
  • Light measurement and calibrations
  • Production
  • Installation and Maintenance