New technology, same magic:
Sklaer underlines the
Winged Victory of Samothrace
in Le Louvre.

Audrey Hepburn  in “Funny Face”, 1957

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Van Gogh's choice

Best light for fine arts: The Nika 27 Framer 24 in use in the exhibition “Van Gogh between Wheat and Sky” in Vicenza.

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Custom Products

Sklaer andits partners have implemented new technologies in the development of a customprojector for Toshiba Lighting.

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Colorimetry Software

New software to monitor Colour temperature and deviation on a projector.

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Custom Optics

New doublet optics to correct aberration.

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Custom projectors

Projectors for Museum and Art Lighting in general have to reach the highest quality of light measured by parameters as CRI, UGR, infra-red and UV emissions, homogeneity, color temperature,. etc. Sklaer has designed a range of modular projectors based on the technologies used in the Mona Lisa projector that can fit most applications.