SKLAER works closely with architects and light designers

Photo by courtesy of Nicolas Raymond
Adaptive lighting for motorcycles
Adaptive lighting for motorcycles

Sklaer Projects

    • First LED projector for Mona Lisa (April 2005)
    • Second projector for Mona Lisa (June 2013)
    • Adaptive Lighting for motorcycles
    • Headlights for Moscow Metro
    • Asymmetrical projection optical system with Fraen Srl
    • Colour mixing optics
    • Constant colour temperature software with Aelsys Sarl
    • DALI application for PC/Tablet on Windows 8
    • The Nika 20 projector, used to illuminate the statue Winged Victory of Samothrace
    • The Nika 27 Framer projector, used in the exhibition "Van Gogh between Wheat and Sky"




    Projector for Mona Lisa
    Projector for Mona Lisa
    Headlights for Moscow Metro
    Headlights for Moscow Metro
    Functional lighting
    Functional lighting - DL200, Hilton Germany (Design by Atreo)
    Architectural and landscape
    Architectural and landscape - EEC, Mediacenter Brussels, Architect: Didier Courbe
    The Winged Victory of Samothrace
    The Winged Victory of Samothrace. Light Designer: Jean-Jacques Ezrati
    Painting by Van Gogh: Old Man
    Temporary Van Gogh exhibition, Galleria Palladiana, Vicenza (Venice)