4 Gobo projectors around “The Venus de Milo”

Sklaer GmbH and Bibetech srl used 4 Gobo projectors around “The Venus de Milo” in Le Louvre, Paris.

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New technology, same magic:
12W tunable projectors to
highlight the Winged Victory
of Samothrace

Audrey Hepburn  in “Funny Face”, 1957

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Van Gogh's choice in
Vicenza (Venezia)

Tunable framers from Sklaer and Bibetech

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Custom Products

Sklaer andits partners have implemented new technologies in the development of a customprojector for Toshiba Lighting.

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Colorimetry Software

New software to monitor Colour temperature and deviation on a projector.

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Mona Lisa Projector

A Led lamp has been exclusively designed with the purpose of giving the highest lighting quality to Mona Lisa painting. This new design has been financed by the (well-known) Japanese firm Toshiba. The new lamp has been installed in a shelf designed by the room’s architect (Lorenzo Piqueras, 2005) . This system works upwards and is composed of 34 LEDs (single chip and multi chips. It replaces the former 7 LED lamp that had been working since 2005. Three optical systems have been developed in order to obtain high illuminance uniformity on the painting: primary optics on the LEDs, a “Scheib” mixing the colours, and a third system consisting of a double lens with an integrated filter, focusing the light on the painting and regulating its quality. A framer was also incorporated. The other aim of this lamp is to control freely the colour temperatures, keeping a high CRI (>95) with a maximum Gamut Area (in relation to the scientific research of the International Lighting Commission).

    • Features


    Parameters Specifications TOSHIBA Lamp (English)  
    CCT with high CRI 2700 to 3800 K Adjustable from 2700 K until 3800 K 3200K selected for Mona Lisa
    Colour shift from locus N/A   Adjustable from  -0,02 to 0,01
    Luminous Flux  (lm)   N/A 88 lm selected from Mona Lisa (can be boosted to 400 lm)  
    CRI > 90 CRI between 95 and 98 when on locus
    Colour Quality Scale (CQS) > 85 > 95 for Mona Lisa > 85 maintained for various CCT between 2700 K and 3800 K
    Ultra Violet radiation < 5 μW/lm <3 μW/lm
    Infra-Red Radiation < 0.1 W < 0.05W
    Uniformity on painting Emin/Eaverage > 0.6 0,85 (with 16 points) > 0,92 with ambient lighting  
    Vertical Uniformity on painting > 0.9 0,93 Ehalf top over Eaverage
    Average Illuminance 100-250 lx spot + ambient 180 lx on glass / 108 lx on painting (spot only)
    Luminous Flux projected outside frame <1% < 0,5%
    Lamp Life >50 000 heures ~ 80,000 hours