4 Gobo projectors around “The Venus de Milo”

Sklaer GmbH and Bibetech srl used 4 Gobo projectors around “The Venus de Milo” in Le Louvre, Paris.

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New technology, same magic:
12W tunable projectors to
highlight the Winged Victory
of Samothrace

Audrey Hepburn  in “Funny Face”, 1957

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Van Gogh's choice in
Vicenza (Venezia)

Tunable framers from Sklaer and Bibetech

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Custom Products

Sklaer andits partners have implemented new technologies in the development of a customprojector for Toshiba Lighting.

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Colorimetry Software

New software to monitor Colour temperature and deviation on a projector.

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Fiber Optics colour mixers that allow to reach very compact light mixers as used in the Mona Lisa Projector.

The fibre-optic plate (“Scheib”) is used for light beam transmission and image shaping when an application demands    precise light distribution in small space. This elegant technology is successfully used for shaping a mobile light beam pattern in original headlight designs and is the subject of the patent application submitted by Pharos-Alef Ltd. and Sklaer Gmbh (patent N 2283986).