4 Gobo projectors around “The Venus de Milo”

Sklaer GmbH and Bibetech srl used 4 Gobo projectors around “The Venus de Milo” in Le Louvre, Paris.

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New technology, same magic:
12W tunable projectors to
highlight the Winged Victory
of Samothrace

Audrey Hepburn  in “Funny Face”, 1957

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Van Gogh's choice in
Vicenza (Venezia)

Tunable framers from Sklaer and Bibetech

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Custom Products

Sklaer andits partners have implemented new technologies in the development of a customprojector for Toshiba Lighting.

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Colorimetry Software

New software to monitor Colour temperature and deviation on a projector.

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Recent News

Procédés Hallier (F) unveils the first dynamic projector at Sitem 2024

in Paris on the base of the “Mona Lisa” projector.

Sklaer gets “smart projector” patent granted.

The patent relates to lighting devices for exhibition objects in Museum, Art, or commercial galleries and more generally for any application where the light spectrum has to be monitored according to varying external ambient , spatial conditions or references. The set up comprises typically lighting devices capable of varying the light intensity or spectrum, light sensors with restrictive optics able to analyze the light spectrum of targeted or reference zones and a controller with on board algorithms and references, possibly linked to internet data bases. In its simplest version such a set up can be used to maintain the illuminance of a working surface. Originally the system has been developed to maintain the illuminance and color temperature of the statue of the Winged Victory of Samothrace in Le Louvre in 2016. For large spaces in Museum or Art and commercial galleries, a central photometric measuring device can be used, as the LiME, Light Mapping Equipment to control several projectors on different targets. More sophisticated developments involve the use of the camera of a smart phone as sensor with an App to analyze a scene and potentially collect or compare data from internet, what is commonly referred as Artificial Intelligence.

Sklaer GmbH teams up with OPTICS FOR LIFE

a R&D company in Pavia, Italy and expands its products and services offering to optical design and support. This agreement is the result of a long relationship with Marco Angelini, the founder of Optics for Life, who had developed the optics of most of the Museum projectors of Sklaer. OPTICS FOR LIFE offers a full service in Optical and Lighting design, Optical Lab testing and evaluation, as well as in R/D and project management Contact: Marco Angelini — m.angelini@opticsforlife.com

Sklaer’s design wins LDI award in Las Vegas

ACL Lighting, an Osram company, acquired in 2019 the design of a state of the art modular tunable projector designed and developed in close collaboration between Sklaer Gmbh, pioneer in tunable white and Bibetech srl, leader in optical precise injection molding. The projector won the award of “best debuting product lighting” at the LDI show in 2018 in Las Vegas at its first official presentation. Thanks to its ergonomic design, modularity in the choice of optics, different control options from Casambi, Bluetooth to DALI or DMX and a CRI of up to 97 over the 2700-5700 color temperature range, this product has set up a milestone in Museum and Art Lighting. Reference: Van Goth exhibition won by Bibetech in 2017 in Galleria Palladiana, Vicenza. This projector line is now exclusively available at ADB Lighting under the ACL brand name.

Long range tunable Gobo projector with zoom

Sklaer introduces the first long range tunable gobo projector with zoom Power: 39 W Monocolor and tunable white CRI 95 on range from 2700 to 5700K Zoom 12°–24° 300 lux at 10 meters The control by Bluetooth or DALI with Wifi allows to easily finetune the color temperature and illuminance on the object. Download Gwen39 Gobo E

The Nika 27 Framer

The Nika 27 Framer is a DALI dynamic tunable projector from 3000K to 5000K. The intensity and color temperature levels can be set up  easily by Bluetooth or Wifi. The curator can easily finetune the color temperature and therefore highlight hidden details of the painting and adjust its illuminance to the overall atmosphere. Read more

Sklaer GmbH and Bibetech srl of Italy join strength to enter technical lighting

Bibetech is a pioneer and leader in plastic injection of optical components and molding in general and has developed a line of general lighting luminaires. Bibetech has experience in manufacturing lighting equipment and has invested in manufacturing technical LED projectors. Bibetech used  Sklaer's technology to enter the technical lighting market sectors. Read more

Samothrace statue under new light

Sklaer used its experience of over 10 years in tunable lighting to develop custom‘s projectors to light up the “Winged Victory of Samothrace” in Le Louvre. Read more